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Puck is the center of the game

Hockey pucks have always been at the center of the attention for all involved in the hockey game. Players, referees, spectators – all keep their eye on the puck. Of course, the main goal of a hockey match for a team is to load as many pucks as they can in the opposing team's goal. Everybody in the game has some role to either get the puck in the net, or to prevent this from happening.

We all are costumed to see the classic ice hockey puck – black on white ice. This is indeed the main focus of this section, but you may find other types of hockey pucks here as well.

What am I looking at here

This section includes different types of pucks for different purposes. Some people may find the different types of pucks confusing and ask – how? I thought there is only one type of hockey puck! But it is not merely so. We could summarize the types of pucks around this way:

  • classical black rubber ice hockey pucks
  • colorful rubber pucks
  • floor hockey pucks
  • inline pucks
  • souvenir pucks
  • roller, speed, other training pucks

All in all this section includes both pucks for ice hockey and for other types of hockey, such as floor and inline skating. At HockeyPoint we offer products not only for ice hockey, that’s why you can see a wide selection for types of pucks here as well.

Another thing you can find a lot of in this section – colors. Classic ice hockey pucks  used in games are black, but you can use other colors for training reasons as well. For other types of hockey, color is not such a tradition, so different pucks can be used.

Price vs. quality

 When you think about how much you should pay for a hockey puck, you should really think about what you will use it for. If you need an ice hockey puck simply for training purposes alone or for your team, buying a box of classical black rubber pucks will do. The price differences between these products are mostly because of size and quality. Junior pucks are usually smaller and lighter, while senior pucks are bigger. Classical junior ice hockey pucks cost around 1 EUR each, while senior hockey pucks cost no more than 2 EUR.

Prices for other products vary, but are mostly above the regular ice hockey puck price. Souvenir pucks, speed pucks and other special types cost the most, but that is still below 20 EUR per piece.

You can be sure about one thing – quality! We don’t mess around with cheap low quality products made overseas. We only offer ice hockey pucks that are made by experienced professionals in hockey countries by the best manufacturers like Vegum, Bauer, CCM, Rubena and others.

If you can’t find the right product right now – don’t worry. We often update our shop with new products and offer sales to our most requested products. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a 10% discount for your next purchase in our shop!

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