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Protection from the most dangerous injuries

Any person who has seen even 5 minutes of an ice hockey game, can understand the danger behind this game. High speed, sticks, flying pucks, forceful and violent game play full of contact, these are just the main reasons why hockey players are vulnerable to a lot of injuries on the hockey field. Health is and should be one of the main concerns for everyone, who is involved in the game. Protective equipment is a vital tool in keeping a player safe. 

Do not overlook neck guards

Hockey is a game of flying pucks, wielding sticks and sharp skates. You do not want this items near any part of your open body, much less your neck. Hockey neck guards are logical piece of equipment to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of hockey players body. Neck guard is designed to prevent serious injuries from hockey sticks, pucks, skate blades to the neck. These can be extremely heavy injuries. Neck guards are designed both for goaltenders and other positions as they are vital for all players on the field. HockeyPoint offers a selection of this important piece of equipment and highly recommends you have an extra pair just in case.

The need for a neck guard is best illustrated by highly known cases of Clint Malarchuk of Buffalo Sabres in 1989 and Richard Zednik of Florida Panthers in 2008. In both of these cases, players were caught up in a fast moving situation when getting struck by other players hockey skate in the neck area. Only because of the medical staff nearby and a stroke of luck, but after losing a lot of blood, both players survived. These are just two of many thousand neck injuries suffered by hockey players.

What can I choose from

Neck guards are designed in such a way that they do not function like a scarf and players won’t get hot using them. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the size of the product you buy. Luckily most are adjustable, but there are still different sizes for different age groups. Sizes up to XL are available, if needed.

Just as with all of the other ice hockey equipment pieces in our e-shop, we offer only the most well known and trusted brands. Among the products we offer you can find neck guards from CCM, Reebok and Bauer. In comparison to what kind of damage could be done if such an equipment piece is not worn, the price of a hockey neck guard is laughable. Most products cost as little as 20 EUR. Most expensive items still cost less than 50 EUR, which is still not a lot, if you compare it to other safety equipment items.

Use a discount

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