Customer Card

Before applying for participation in the Hockey Point's Customer card program and starting to use it, please read the Hockey Point Customer card Terms and Conditions carefully.

The Hockey Point Loyalty Card Program (the "Program") is designed to provide customers who have confirmed their participation in the Hockey Point Loyalty Card Program and submitted a completed application form with the benefits of the Hockey Point Loyalty Card Program:

  • Take advantage of the permanent discount of 5%. After joining the Program, you will receive a permanent 5% discount with your first purchase in all Hockey Point stores.

  • Earn bonuses with each purchase and use them for future purchases. After joining the Program and making the first purchase, you earn bonus points of 2% of the value of each purchase. For example, if you buy hockey skates for 100 EUR, then 2 EUR will be credited to your personal bonus points account, which you will be able to use in your future purchases the very next day.

  • Use the accumulated bonus points by paying part of the purchase amount in any of the Hockey Point stores. Use the accumulated bonus points to pay for the purchase up to approximately 50%. For example, your accumulated bonuses are 100 EUR and you want to buy a hockey stick for 100 EUR, then using bonus points you will spend only 45 EUR on the purchase, using the permanent 5% discount and 50 bonus points.

  • Take advantage of a special advantage of the Hockey Point Card holder - an additional opportunity to accumulate bonus points in the amount of 1% for purchased promotions and discounted goods. The discounts valid in the Hockey Point stores do not add up, however, by assessing the Customer's loyalty, we offer the possibility to accumulate additional 1% bonus points for Hokeja Pasaule Card holders also by purchasing promotions and discounted goods.

  • Be the first to know about limited offers, new products, special promotions, lotteries and other special offers from Hockey Point.

How to get Hockey Point Loyalty Card:

Get a Hockey Point Loyalty Card in just 3 minutes and enjoy all the benefits of a HP Loyalty Card

Visit the nearest Hockey Point store and our customer service specialist will help you fill in the application form for the Hockey Point Customer Card program. Also be prepared to present an identity document so that we can verify your identity and that you have reached the age of 18.

We invite you to get acquainted in advance with our Privacy Policy and personal data processing rules, as well as carefully read the following Hockey Point Client Card Terms, because taking care of your privacy, we can provide participation in the Hockey Point Client Program only to persons who agree to personal data processing and Hockey Point Client Cards rules.

The fee for issuing a card is 3 EUR, which is applicable when issuing a new card or issuing a card in case of its damage or loss.

Where to use the Hockey Point Client Card:

  • Hockey Point's Customer Card can be used in Hockey Point store in Estonia, as well as in the stores of our cooperation partners.

  • At the moment, the Hockey Point Customer Card cannot be used for online purchases.

Hockey Point Client Card's TERMS AND CONDITIONS

These Terms of Use (the "Terms") govern (1) the procedures for implementing the Hokeja Pasaule Customer Card Program (the "Program"), ensuring the participation of cards issued to the Customer in the Program (the "HP Customer Card"), the issued HP Customer Card and (2) legal the relationship between the Publisher and the Client.

SIA Sports Lukss, reg. No.40103087159, legal address: Rīga, Augšiela 1, LV-1009 (the “Publisher”) provides participation in the Program to Customers who have confirmed their agreement to these Terms and have expressed a wish to participate in the Program by completing the application form for participation in the HP Customer Card Program by issuing an HP Customer Card.

Program Participant is the Customer to whom the Publisher has issued and made available an HP Customer Card. Program Participant may use the HP Customer Card with discounts and accumulated bonus points, as well as other benefits provided by the HP Customer Card.

Within the framework of the program, the website (hereinafter - the Website) is used to inform the Clients.

As part of the Program, the Publisher provides the use of the HP Customer Card in Hockey Point store in Estonia and may offer the opportunity to use the HP Customer Card to the Publisher's cooperation partners, who may offer various benefits to the Program participants.

The Publisher reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to the Program Terms or cancel the Program. The Publisher notifies about the changes or cancellation of the Program by publishing it on the Website in the section HP Customer Card and, as far as possible, informing the Customer through the specified communication channels.

The Regulations have been developed in accordance with the regulation of the effective regulatory enactments, however, if as a result of changes in the regulatory enactments any of the clauses of these Regulations is not applicable, the other clauses of these Regulations shall remain in force.

HP Customer Card Issuance and Use Policy

The HP Loyalty Card is intended for use only in Hokeja Pasaule stores and partner stores that have fully or partially approved the granting of benefits to Program members. The current list of stores where the HP Customer Card can be used can be found here.

The HP Customer Card is issued and activated after completing and signing the application form for the HP Customer Card Program, providing the data in accordance with the requirements specified by the Publisher.

Only an individual who has reached the age of 18 (eighteen) may become a member of the HP Customer Card and a beneficiary of the HP Customer Card Program.

Only one HP Customer Card may be registered and issued per Customer.

Receipt of an HP Customer Card Customer must provide proof of identity. The barcode number on the card is the HP Customer Cardholder identification number, which is linked to the cardholder's personal, voluntarily submitted data.

The fee for issuing an HP Customer Card is set at EUR 3. The publisher reserves the right to change the issuance fee by informing about it on the Website.

In the event of the loss of the HP Customer Card, the Customer undertakes to immediately notify the Publisher and to purchase a new HP Customer Card by completing and re-signing the application form for the HP Customer Card Program. The Publisher undertakes to update the statistics on the Client's data.

If the specified personal data of the Customer has changed, the Customer shall notify the Publisher thereof, indicating what changes must be made to the specified data.

The HP Loyalty Card must always be presented when making purchases at Hockey Point stores to receive applicable benefits, and, if applicable, an identity document must be presented at the request of the Hockey Point seller.

The HP Customer Card, when issued, allows the Customer to enjoy the following benefits:

  • an substantive discount for purchases in Hockey Point stores in the amount of 5% (five percent), except for sales and / or discounted goods;

  • to accumulate bonus points for future purchases in the amount of 2% (two percent), except for sales and / or discounted goods;

  • apply the accumulated bonuses to any of the next purchases in Hockey Point stores in the amount of an additional 2% (two percent) of the total purchase amount, covering the accumulated bonus points up to 50% of the specific purchase amount, except for sales and / or discounted goods;

  • to accumulate bonus points for future purchases in the amount of 1% (one percent) by purchasing sales and / or discounted goods in Hokeja Pasaule stores.

Bonus points earned on an HP Customer Card cannot be used or exchanged for cash or a gift card.

The HP Loyalty Card is generally indefinite, however, Customer has the right to withdraw from the HP Loyalty Card Program at any time and the Publisher undertakes to disqualify the Customer from participating in the HP Loyalty Card Program, cancel the issued card by deleting the Customer's data. The Client also has the right to request clarification of his / her submitted data by contacting the Publisher.