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Best equipment for the most dangerous position

Goalkeepers are always the most equipped person on the hockey field. The number of items, their weight and size is enormous, when you compare it to other ice hockey player positions. Most of this goalkeeping equipment is highly specialized and is fit only for this position. There is a good reason for that – goalkeeper could be the most dangerous ice hockey player position. Would it not be for the ice hockey goalie equipment, he or she would have to both absorb the speed of players that crash into the goal and the puck, that they need to keep from the net no matter what.

HockeyPoint understands – being a goalkeeper is not a joke or an easy job. You have to be equipped from top to bottom with the best products you can find to both keep yourself safe and perform the best goalkeeping you can.

The products we offer.

In this section you will find anything you might need while being a goalkeeper . We have divided and offer products in these main goalkeeping equipment categories:

  • Goalie skates
  • Goalie hockey sticks
  • Goalie pads – for leg space and protection
  • Goalie catchers – for keeping the puck
  • Goalie blockers – for repel a shot
  • Goalie masks – for keeping your head safe
  • Goalie chest & arm protectors – for absorbing powerful hits
  • Goalie pants – for comfort while playing
  • Goalie accessories – additional safety equipment, accessories and repair parts

Further subsections for each category divide the products between smaller and larger products – for junior and senior players.

Most of this hockey goalie equipment is for protection, as it is the most important part of the job – to keep the net safe and yourself safe in the process.  Just as with all the products we offer, goalie equipment comes in different sizes, fit for both junior and senior goalkeepers. Different products may have a lot of specifics. Feel free to use the filter options for each subsection to find what you need.

From the best to the best

 Just as goalie might be the most dangerous position to play in, it also might be the most expensive. Ice hockey goalie equipment might not wear off as fast as, for example, offensive players equipment, it still constitutes a higher long term investment.

We highly suggest our customers to value quality over price. We consider our goalkeeping equipment prices to be fair if not low, while still offering products from the most highly valued equipment manufacturers in ice hockey, such as Vaughn, Reebok, Jaybird, Hejduk, CCM, Bauer and others.

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