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  • HockeyPoint - Best equipment for all ice hockey player needs Every sportsman has their way to perfecting their craft. Only by practicing continuously and believing in himself, a true sportsman achieves his dreams. Along the way, there might be many things that help, many choices to be made that become either helpful, or become obstacles. One of these choices is equipment. While it is true, a good runner can still become the fastest with the simplest shoes, this logic does not apply to all sports, especially ice hockey. At HockeyPoint hockey pro shop, we have gathered all the equipment a successful hockey player might need. Whether you are an offensive player, defensive or a goalie, we’ve got all the equipment that will help you reach your hockey goals. We are delighted to help every player with the best of hockey equipment available. From skates to clothing, we have it all here at our ice hockey shop.

  • What do we offer As previously stated, our hockey store can offer everything a hockey player needs. Our inventory consists of the best skates, sticks, protective equipment, bags, apparel and accessories. We also have a special section for goalie-specific equipment. For those who want to enjoy regular skating as a recreational or professional sport, we offer equipment for inline skating as well. Our hockey shop inventory consists of ice hockey skates for all ages – from juniors to seniors. We also have everything for comfort and maintaining the skates – laces, blade covers, runners and holders, skate socks and other accessories. If you are a figure skater, our ice hockey shop also offers skates for this sport as well

  • Hockey players is like without hands without his hockey stick. In HockeyPoint shop, you can find a wide variety of sticks of different configurations in position and pattern. Along with professional ice hockey sticks, we offer a selection of simpler wooden sticks. We also have everything you need for maintenance and better performance by your stick – tapes, replacement blades, stick end plugs, stick grips and other accessories. In this section, you can also find hockey pucks. Ice hockey is famously a violent sport. Every hockey player will have bruises and scars, but you can do your best to protect yourself with our offering of protective equipment. We have a wide variety of pads, guards and helmets for all parts of the body, where protection is needed. Every hockey player needs the best clothing as well, that’s why we offer professional hockey pants and gloves for all sizes.

  • of Hockey might be one of the most equipment-heavy professional sport there is. You will always need a specialized bag for all your equipment. HockeyPoint offers a number of branded and non-branded bags, both wheeled and carry bags, both specialized for hockey equipment and bags for everyday use. Our shop also has a specialized section for goalie equipment bags, who carry the most equipment of any ice hockey positions. Our hockey warehouse also has a lot of different kinds of accessories for your hockey needs. We can offer different kinds of specialized clothing, skate sharpening tools, training aids and other equipment.

  • Goalies are the most equipped players on the ice. For this reason, we have a special goalie section with a wide ranging offer for skates, sticks protective equipment and accessories. For those who like to roller skating as a sport or as a hobby, we have created and offer consisting of inline skating equipment. As usual, we have everything one might need – from skates for different age groups to protective equipment.

  • Fair prices for the best equipment We understand that ice hockey is not the cheapest sport out there. At the same time, buying the cheapest equipment might mean that you forfeit on the quality. You most certainly will buy equipment more often and it might let you down when it matters. Most experienced hockey players will say – equipment is not the position, where you want to try to save some money. At Hockey Point, we offer sales and discounts, so you can equip yourself with the best ice hockey equipment for better prices than our competitors. We take pride in that our hockey warehouse is stacked with equipment from the best brands in the business - Bauer, CCM, Howies, Blademaster, Jackson, Warrior, Reebok.