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Best ice skates for professionals and beginners alike

Are you a weekend hockey player? Are you into figure skating? Are you a beginner trying to become a professional? Are you a seasoned hockey player looking for the best ice skates out there? This is the section for all hockey and figure skating enthusiasts. Everybody who is doing something on ice needs to have ice skates that are the best product for them.


Options for everybody

Our lineup of products include ice skates for all ages and skating needs. We offer ice hockey skates for juniors, intermediate and senior players. Products for different age groups are generally the same, these products more or less differ in their size variations. Same models tend to have multiple types, because skates might have different technical specifications.

For figure skates – we have divided our selection in offers for younger figure skaters and grownups.  Just as with ice hockey skates, these sections differ mostly in the size of the products. Styles of these skates are more or less the same, but some details may differ between the products.

Ice skates have many professional characteristics that are especially important for professional players. Please check each product's description to learn more about their specifications and if these are the right skates for you.

Find the best fit

Just as with all of our products, we offer a wide variety of sizes and colors, so everybody can find suitable ice hockey skates for themselves. We have divided our sections in separate ice hockey and figure skating sections.

As mentioned, we have divided our products in age categories for different sizes. Of course, there needs to be more specific size measurement, so without filter options you can find the products that are just right for your size. Size is not just the classical shoe size, but also width. You will need to understand the width of the ice skates you need.

We only offer products from the best manufacturers. Currently we have stock from such well respected brands as Bauer, CCM, Jackson etc.

There is a stereotype for buying shoes online – nothing will fit and it will always look worse than in pictures. Some may believe that this applies to ice skates for sale on the internet as well. We say that it’s not true. We can assure you that by ordering our products, you will get the right size and color, if you order online at our ice skate shop.


Anybody needs to take care of their ice skates for them to always fit the best. For this very reason we have a choice of different accessories for maintaining the quality and comfort for your skates. Some of the accessories, like sharpening tools, replacement parts and bags for skates you can find in the separate Accessories section of our hockey shop.


In the Accessories subsection of this page, you can find additional items for your ice skates. We offer such items as skate blade covers, runners and holders for maintaining the blades of your skates. We also have a selection of laces, socks and items like fenders, pads, insoles for the skates to fit better and feel more comfortable.


We understand that all ice sports are more expensive than your average sport. We believe that buying good quality equipment is vital for your success and the price on the label should not stop you. For this reason, we offer different price ranges from reliable cheap ice skates around 50 EUR to products for seasoned professionals above 800 EUR. Ice skate prices can be different, but we guarantee the quality. We offer only the best ice skates for each price category.

If the best products are a little bit pricey for you, don’t worry. We offer exclusive ice skate sales for specific products and discount codes, which will give you a cheaper price for all your gear.

If you can’t find a pair of hockey skates you need at the moment, we can keep you updated with our newsletter. We will keep you informed about new products and sales items. If you sign up for the newsletter now, we will give you a 10% discount for your next order.