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Hockey pants – shorts with extra protection

Do not underestimate the importance of protective equipment. Even though it might seem a bit much sometimes, especially for a practice session, there is no such thing as being overly dressed for   a hockey training, let alone a serious game. All pieces of equipment matter and you don’t want to find out what kind of injuries you can get, if you choose not to wear a certain item. If you are a hockey player for at least a year, you probably already have a personal understanding of why protective equipment matters in such a game as ice hockey.

Hockey pants are an important piece of any hockey players position. It doesn’t matter whether you are a goalie or and offensive position player,  you need to have adequate protection for all parts of you body. Hockey pants offer protection to the middle part of your body, starting from where your shoulder protection usually ends and ending where your knee pads would start. They are basically heavily equipped shorts, made both to provide protection and to allow comfort and movement at the same time.

What should I choose from

Most of what makes hockey pants effective are padding all around the pants. This padding does not stretch, so pants can’t be one size fits all item. You do not want this item to feel uncomfortable. Both because it restricts your movement and it might get too hot if it is too small. Moreover, hockey pants that are too big might not function as properly. Here at HockeyPoint, we have a wide range of sizes. We recommend first choosing the right size and only then think about other details.

Color of this particular piece of item might not matter so much if you are also wearing a full set of other clothing above your protective equipment. Nevertheless, you can try to find a color that matches your other equipment by using the color filter.

Quality matters. That’s why we offer products from the best known and most recognized hockey equipment brands. With us, you can choose from Warrior, Bauer, CCM and Reebok, when trying to find the right hockey pants for you protection.

Just as with most of ice hockey protective equipment, a particular equipment piece does not cost that much. It is the number of different items you have to purchase that makes the overall cost of so high. Depending on the type of the model, most hockey pants are priced from 50 EUR to 150 EUR, which is not particularly a high cost. This is certainly not the cost to skip for your safety and well being.

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  1. Key Features of Hockey Pants

a. Protective Padding

Hockey pants feature protective padding that covers the hips, thighs, and tailbone to protect the lower body from impacts, falls, and collisions. The padding is typically made of foam and reinforced with plastic inserts for added strength and durability.

b. Breathability and Moisture Management

Many hockey pants feature breathable and moisture-wicking materials to help regulate body temperature and keep players dry and comfortable during the game. These features help prevent overheating and reduce the risk of skin irritation and chafing.

c. Adjustable Fit

Most hockey pants have adjustable waist straps and suspenders to customize the fit for maximum comfort and protection. These features help ensure that the pants stay securely in place during play, reducing the risk of injury.

  1. The Importance of Proper Fit for Hockey Pants

Selecting the right size and fit for hockey pants is essential for ensuring optimal protection and performance on the ice. Ill-fitting pants can be uncomfortable, restrict movement, and leave players vulnerable to injury. To find the correct size, measure the player's waist and refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart.

When trying on hockey pants, consider the following:

  • The pants should cover the entire hip, thigh, and tailbone area, without restricting movement.
  • The waist straps and suspenders should provide a secure and comfortable fit, without cutting off circulation or causing discomfort.
  • The pant legs should fit snugly without bunching or sagging, to prevent tripping or interference with skates.
  1. Price Points for Hockey Pants

Hockey pants are available at various price points, ranging from €50 to €200. The price typically reflects the quality of materials, level of protection, and additional features offered by the pants.

  • Entry-Level (€50-€80): Entry-level hockey pants offer basic protection and are suitable for recreational or beginner players. They typically feature a simpler design and fewer advanced features.
  • Mid-Range (€80-€130): Mid-range hockey pants provide a balance of protection, comfort, and advanced features. These pants are suitable for intermediate and advanced players who require a higher level of protection and performance.
  • High-End (€130-€200): High-end hockey pants offer premium protection and are designed for elite players who demand top-of-the-line features and materials. They often incorporate advanced technologies, such as lightweight materials, enhanced ventilation, and improved mobility.


Choosing the right hockey pants is crucial for ensuring both safety and comfort on the ice. Understanding the key features of hockey pants, the importance of proper fit, and the various price points available can help players make informed decisions when selecting their gear. Investing in high-quality, well-fitting hockey pants can significantly enhance a player's hockey experience, allowing them to play with confidence and focus on improving their game.