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Professional hockey stick choice for when it matters

Hockey sticks may look the same, but actually they are highly specialized and are available in many different variations. Therefore it is important that you know which specifications are the best for your individual needs. At HockeyPoint e-shop, you can choose between different patterns, hand positions and flex ratings.

HockeyPoint has the hockey sticks for sale, suitable for all generations of players, from juniors to seniors. We offer both professional and training sticks, including smaller sticks and wooden hockey sticks. With us, you can find both high class branded hockey sticks for professional use and cheap hockey sticks for general use in training.

What to consider - Pattern

Hockey stick pattern is one of the details to consider when you are buying a hockey stick. It highly influences how you shoot the puck. Pattern can be defined as a ratio between a curve of the blade and the position of the heel. When you receive a puck, it will always be stopped at the most curved position of the blade and that is where you take your shot from. The deeper the curve, the more power you build up for release.

A heel curve pattern (for example – PM9, P14, P15, W01) is for high velocity shots, popular for defensemen. Mid curve ice hockey stick pattern (examples -P92, P29, P03, TC2) ensures a great all-around performance for all ice hockey positions, but toe curve blade pattern (P28, W28, TC4, etc) is more suitable for offensive players who need to make quick release shots, while keeping the puck in control.

What to consider – Flex ratio and position

A hockey stick flex is another important detail for a hockey stick. It matters, again, for what kind of position you play. Simply put, flex rating is how much your stick will bend, when you shoot the puck. The more it bends, the more additional power you can get from the stick for the shot. Flex is determined by how long the stick is. Shorter sticks will have higher flex numbers, while longer sticks will have it lower.

Players, who are more on offense will tend to use shorter ice hockey sticks, because they are easier to maneuver with and can give you the extra power for a shot, when it matters. On the contrary, defensive players tend to use longer sticks for better handling. Here at HockeyPoint, you can choose between different flex ratio sticks and their position – left or right.

What to consider – brands

Brand matters not only to your appearance, but also for the quality of the stick. High value branded sticks will most likely perform better and longer than the default ice hockey sticks. Moreover, branded hockey sticks are more specialized, meaning that they have more flex and pattern options. Of course, the best hockey sticks are more expensive, but would a soldier go into battle with the cheapest gun, only to save a buck? Our inventory includes products from such highly valued brands as Bauer, CCM, Easton, Warrior, etc.

Line of accessories

Every hockey stick is specialized not only by its configuration parameters discussed above, but also by the individual handling for every user. That’s why we offer additional accessories for hockey sticks. Our inventory includes a wide variety of tapes, stick wax and stick grips. Moreover, a player might need to reconfigure his stick on the go. That is where replacement end plugs and replacement blades come in handy. The accessories section also includes a subsection for pucks and hockey balls, that can be used both for training and playing.

Our staff at HockeyPoint understands that a stick is the most important tool of a hockey player. While one can go in a game underdressed, a hockey player without a stick might as well be just a figure skater. Of course, we don’t want to discredit the importance of protective equipment, but the stick is how you receive, handle and shoot the puck. That is the most important part of the game, whether you are an offensive, defensive player or a goalie.

We encourage everyone to explore this section to find the best hockey stick, consider flex and bend ratios, find the best valued and most suitable product and make your order.

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