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Bags for the most equipped

As you can probably understand from the fact that goalies have a whole separate section in our shop, a player in this position has to haul around a lot more equipment than a regular player. That includes both regular hockey equipment like helmets, skates, hockey sticks and apparel, and also lots more protective equipment for both the goalkeeping and goalkeepers safety as well. It is obvious that a big enough bag is needed to carry all of this equipment around. Here at HockeyPoint – we’ve got you covered. If you or your child is playing at the goalie position, here you will be able to find both carry bags and goalkeeper bags for you equipment. Regular sized hockey stick bag won’t fit for a goalkeepers stick, but you can find a suitable bag here for that as well.

What’s the choice

Most goalie bags resemble our inventory of regular sized hockey player bags. The only difference – it would be hard to find a backpack, that can fit any of goaltenders equipment items inside. There are only few items that are that small. For this reason, goalkeeper bags are mostly bigger wheeled bags.

How to make the decision

We have divided this section into wheeled and carry bag subsections, but we suggest to use the filters to narrow the selection in this page. You can filter by price, gender (size), color and brand. First detail, of course, should be size – gender. As previously stated, most bags are bigger wheeled bags, but some are also smaller carry bags. For those who want to be fully equipped, you should also be able to find goalie stick bags in this section.

Goalkeepers do know that their equipment costs are usually higher than those of other hockey players. This is why the average price of a hockey bag is also higher. Nevertheless, most bags come for around 130 EUR, which is rather cheap You also have to note that these are big bags, which tend to cost more than regular sized hockey player bags. Remember – quality pays off. Buying a bag from a well known brand will most probably mean that it will last longer and you won’t have to invest in another item for couple of years at least.

As you have probably noticed, we offer a set of brands in all of our equipment sections here in HockeyPoint e-shop. If you have ordered any other of our goalkeeper equipment, it will be easy to find a matching branded bag. We offer goalie bags from Bauer, CCM and Brians. These are some of the most well known hockey equipment brands among both professionals and amateurs

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