Helmet Accessories

Helmet Accessories

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Hockey helmets are one of the most critical pieces of protective gear that players wear on the ice. They safeguard the head from potential impacts and injuries, providing critical protection to players during the game. However, there are several essential accessories that players can add to their helmets to enhance their performance and protection. In this guide, we will explore the different hockey helmet accessories available in the market, their benefits, and how they can help hockey players stay safe and perform their best on the ice.

  1. Screws

Helmet screws are small yet essential components that help secure the helmet and the cage or visor. They come in various sizes and materials and should be periodically checked and tightened to ensure that the helmet remains secure on the player's head.

  1. Chin Straps

Chin straps are critical components of the helmet, helping to keep the helmet securely in place on the player's head. They come in different materials and styles, including traditional snap chin straps, non-slip chin straps, and quick-release chin straps.

  1. Spare Part Box

A spare part box is a must-have for hockey players, coaches, and teams. It contains a variety of replacement parts such as screws, washers, and nuts, providing easy access to essential parts when needed.

  1. Anti-Fog Inserts

Anti-fog inserts are designed to prevent fogging on the helmet visor, providing clear vision and reducing the risk of injury. They can be easily inserted into the helmet visor and removed when not in use.

  1. Helmet Clips

Helmet clips are small, easy-to-use accessories that help to keep ear loops in place and prevent them from slipping off. They come in different materials and styles and can be easily installed onto the helmet.

  1. Dome Clips

Dome clips are small accessories that attach to the top of the helmet, providing a secure attachment point for accessories such as ear loops or helmet cameras.

  1. J-Clips

J-clips are small accessories that attach to the ear loops and help to keep them securely in place. They are designed to be easy to use and can be installed on the helmet without any special tools.

  1. Ear Covers

Ear covers are optional accessories that provide additional protection for the ears during the game. They can be made of different materials, including foam or plastic, and are designed to attach securely to the helmet.


Hockey helmet accessories are essential add-ons that can significantly enhance a player's performance and protection on the ice. Whether it's screws, chin straps, spare part boxes, anti-fog inserts, helmet clips, dome clips, j-clips, or ear covers, investing in high-quality accessories can provide players with a secure and comfortable fit, clear vision, and enhanced protection. Hockey players, coaches, and teams should take the time to explore the different accessories available in the market, assess their needs and preferences, and select the right accessories that can help them stay safe and perform their best on the ice.