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You have to protect your head

Being a goalkeeper is one of the most dangerous things you can do at sports. It is hard to imagine any other team sport and any other position, where one faces so many dangers, while trying to do the best he or she can to do the job. Maybe only skeleton or other similar winter sport may cause more harm than being a hockey goalie.

Speed, sharp objects, fast flying objects, heavy crashes – these are just a few of the problems a goalie might face each second, when other players are closing in on them. Suffering from a blow to the head might cause extreme damage and long lasting health problems for a goalie. For this reason, masks and helmets are one of the most important part of the goalie protective equipment. We here at HockeyPoint provide a wide choice of goalie masks for everybody to find their best fit.

Why size matters

Skates and helmets are most probably two items that need to fit perfectly for a hockey player to feel good. This especially applies to a goalie, whose helmet fits to his whole head. If helmet is to small, this can cause discomfort, that can harm players performance. 

When it comes to size, it does not only matter because of comfort. Having the wrong sized goalie mask can be quite dangerous. In an event of a crash with an incoming player, mask can be easily knocked off, if it does not fit well. This can cause serious problems in a fast moving situation on the field and a goalie can get hurt pretty badly.

When looking for a goalie mask, you can choose between a wide range of different sizes in the filters. Also, we have a separate selection for age groups – juniors, intermediates and seniors.

Other filters

Never forget that we offer only the best quality equipment here. Our goalie helmets are made by Bauer, Vaughn, CCM and WALL – some of the most well know brands for both amateurs and seasoned players. If you are worried about the looks of the helmet, don’t be. The models differ in style. Most are white, but you can find products with more than one color option.

Price should not be a factor, when you are buying a goalie mask. This if the one piece of equipment, where you don’t want to sacrifice quality for saving money. Nevertheless, the average price of a hockey mask is around 200 EUR. Prices differ between the models and can go as high up as 1000 EUR, but some models are as cheap as 100 EUR.

We’ll keep you posted!

If you can’t find the product for yourself right now, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to find out, when new stock hits our virtual shelves. You will not only be able to get a 10% discount if you sign up now, you will also be notified about sales offers for the best quality hockey equipment out there.

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