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Goalie Blockers: Importance, How to Choose, and Popular Brands

A goalie blocker is a vital piece of equipment for goaltenders, providing both protection and performance benefits. With a range of designs and features from popular brands like Bauer, CCM, Brians, Vaughn, and Warrior, it's essential to choose a blocker that caters to your preferences and playing style. In this article, we'll discuss the importance of goalie blockers, how to choose the right one, and explore the unique features of each brand.

Importance of Goalie Blockers

  1. Protection: A goalie blocker provides essential protection to the hand, wrist, and forearm, shielding the goaltender from potentially dangerous shots and impacts.

  2. Puck Deflection: The primary purpose of a goalie blocker is to deflect pucks away from the net, minimizing scoring chances for the opposing team.

  3. Stick Control: A well-designed blocker allows the goaltender to maintain optimal control over their stick, which is crucial for effective puck handling and making precise saves.

How to Choose a Goalie Blocker

  1. Fit: A blocker should fit snugly on the hand while allowing for a full range of motion. Consult the manufacturer's sizing charts to find the appropriate size.

  2. Protection: Ensure the blocker provides ample padding and protection in crucial areas, such as the hand, wrist, and forearm.

  3. Balance and Weight: Look for a blocker that offers a good balance between protection and lightweight construction, ensuring you can move quickly and comfortably without sacrificing safety.

  4. Palm and Finger Protection: The palm and finger areas of the blocker should have adequate protection without restricting your ability to grip the stick.

  5. Board Shape and Curve: The shape and curve of the blocker board will influence how you deflect pucks. Choose a blocker that suits your playing style and preferences in terms of puck deflection and coverage.

Goalie Blockers Brands and Key Features

  1. Bauer: Bauer offers a range of high-performance goalie blockers designed for comfort, protection, and performance. Their Supreme and Vapor lines cater to different preferences, providing options for various playing styles.

  2. CCM: CCM's goalie blockers focus on a balance between protection and flexibility. Their Premier line offers excellent coverage and a more traditional feel, while the E-Flex line emphasizes flexibility and mobility for a more reactive style of play.

  3. Brians: Known for their innovation and customization, Brians offers a variety of goalie blockers that cater to different preferences. Their Optik line boasts a lightweight design with a focus on mobility and puck control, while the G-NETik line offers a more traditional feel with an emphasis on flexibility and rebound control.

  4. Vaughn: Vaughn goalie blockers prioritize comfort and protection. Their Ventus line provides a stiffer blocker for maximum coverage, while the Velocity line features a softer, more flexible construction for reactive goaltending.

  5. Warrior: Warrior goalie blockers, such as the Ritual line, focus on innovation and performance. They offer exceptional mobility, lightweight construction, and impressive puck control, making them a popular choice for goalies seeking an edge in their game.

In conclusion, selecting the right goalie blocker involves considering factors like fit, protection, balance, weight, palm and finger protection, and board shape and curve. Research the unique offerings from various brands like Bauer, CCM, Brians, Vaughn, and Warrior to find the perfect blocker that caters to your preferences and playing style. With the right blocker, you'll enhance your performance and comfort on the ice, helping you make game-changing saves.