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Goalie Catcher or Catch Glove: Importance, How to Choose, and Popular Brands

A goalie catcher, also known as a catch glove or trapper, is a crucial piece of equipment for goaltenders, allowing them to catch and control the puck during play. A well-designed catch glove can significantly impact a goalie's performance and protection. In this article, we'll discuss the importance of goalie catch gloves, how to choose the right one, and some popular brands that offer high-quality catch gloves.

Importance of Goalie Catch Gloves

  1. Puck Control: A catch glove enables the goaltender to catch and secure the puck during play, preventing rebounds and scoring opportunities for the opposing team.

  2. Protection: A goalie catch glove provides essential protection to the hand and wrist, shielding the goaltender from potentially dangerous shots and impacts.

  3. Comfort: A well-designed catch glove offers comfort and flexibility, allowing the goaltender to make catches with ease and without restriction.

How to Choose a Goalie Catch Glove

  1. Fit: A catch glove should fit comfortably on the hand while still allowing for a full range of motion. Make sure to consult the manufacturer's sizing charts to find the appropriate size.

  2. Break Angle: The break angle refers to the position of the catching surface in relation to the wrist. Different break angles cater to various catching styles, so choose one that feels comfortable and natural for you.

  3. Protection: Ensure the catch glove provides ample padding and protection in crucial areas, such as the palm, fingers, and wrist.

  4. Closure: Consider the type of closure system on the glove, such as a traditional lacing system or a quick-release system, depending on your preference for ease of use and adjustability.

  5. Pocket: The pocket is the area where the puck is caught and held. Look for a pocket size that suits your catching style, with larger pockets offering a wider catching surface and smaller pockets providing more precise control.

Popular Brands of Goalie Catch Gloves

  1. Bauer: Bauer offers a range of high-quality catch gloves designed for comfort, protection, and performance. Their Supreme and Vapor lines cater to different preferences, with both providing reliable options for goalies.

  2. CCM: CCM provides catch gloves with a focus on protection and flexibility. Their Premier and E-Flex lines cater to various playing styles and protection requirements.

  3. Vaughn: Known for their comfortable and protective gear, Vaughn offers catch gloves with a focus on fit and mobility. Their Ventus and Velocity lines provide goalies with dependable options for catching and controlling the puck.

  4. Warrior: Warrior's Ritual line of catch gloves emphasizes comfort, protection, and puck control, ensuring goalies have the support they need during play.

  5. Brians: Brians offers innovative catch gloves designed for maximum protection and performance. Their Optik and G-NETik lines cater to different preferences, both providing reliable options for goalies.

In conclusion, goalie catch gloves play a critical role in a goaltender's performance and protection on the ice. When choosing a catch glove, consider factors like fit, break angle, protection, closure, and pocket size. Research the offerings from popular brands like Bauer, CCM, Vaughn, Warrior, and Brians to find the perfect catch glove that caters to your preferences and playing style.