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Hockey bag – a must have for this equipment-heavy sport

Every sportsman has to have some gear. Even truck runners have shoes and sports apparel. Nowhere is this more true than ice hockey. No matter the position, a hockey player always has more gear with him than can fit in a regular backpack. This is true for both training sessions and games, so never can an ice hockey player be relieved of carrying a bag with him. That’s why it is so important that you have a big enough bag to carry all your things on a shoulder or your back.

What can you find here

We have split up our selection of bags in three sections:

  • hockey bags for main positions
  • bags for goalkeepers
  • other equipment and accessories bags

We have both carry and wheeled hockey bags in our selection. We can never know how far and how a player has to travel, by feet or by bus, so we have made both types available. A lot of wheeled bags double as a carry bag as well, so you can choose this ice hockey bag, if you want your bag to be multifunctional.

Goalkeeper is the most equipped person on the field. Even though the most stationary, a goalkeeper faces most dangers from the fast and powerful gameplay both during a practice and a game. That is why a goalkeeper has way more protective equipment than any other player – a bigger helmet and more protective equipment piece. For this reason, we have a special section just for goalkeeper bags in our shop. With these types of bags, we also offer both wheeled and carry bags.

There are just some things you can’t fit in a backpack. In ice hockey, there are definitely a few. If you lack the place in your regular bag for some equipment, you can buy special bags for them. In our accessories bags section you can find both smaller and bigger specialized products.

Here you can find hockey stick bags – a must have for anyone, who can’t store their hockey stick where they train or play. Ice skates are sharp and wet, so no matter if you put them in your hockey bag or not, it is useful to have a special ice skate bag as well. Additionally, we have a selection of special helmet bags as well and other types of bags as well. Check out the section to find out what we can offer.

We also offer a number of everyday bags, that can be used both for carrying equipment and for other purposes. You are a hockey player 24/7, that’s why you can carry a hockey bag branded even when not on the way to or from training. In this section you can find different types of bags from backpacks, laptop bags to laundry bags etc.

How to find the right bag

You can look through our selection using filters in this section and subsections. For all the bags we offer, you can choose between bags for different age groups and sizes. That is, junior players probably need smaller hockey bags than senior players. Moreover, you can choose between price groups as well.

We offer bags from the best and most popular hockey equipment brands out there. Just like with other top equipment in our shop, you can find products from CCM, Bauer, Warrior, Eagle, Vaughn, Brians, Blue Sports, Jackson and others.

You most probably want your bag to match whatever else equipment you have, meaning that not only the branding, but also the color might matter to you. Even though most hockey bags are dark and simply branded, you can still find a bag that better matches your team color or your personal style.

You can never be too sure if the bag has everything you might need, so we suggest you choose a few bags that match your requirements and take a closer look at them. They might have special pockets, extra zippers and additional handles that can be of use for you.

When it comes to ice hockey equipment, you never want to miss out on the best deals. If you didn’t find a suitable bag right now, subscribe to our newsletter. We will keep you updated about the latest stock and best sales we have, so you don’t have to miss out on the best offers.