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Womens Figure Skates

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Figure skating – elegance and perfection

There is a saying – “Ice hockey without beer is figure skating”. While it may be true as a hockey fun belief, figure skating is in itself a very competitive sport. While ice hockey offers violence and speed, figure skating offers performance and perfection. We here at HockeyPoint believe that everybody has the option to choose whichever sport they may like, that’s why we offer ice skating equipment for all needs, including womens figure skates.

Figure skates are a lot more similar to regular shoes. From their look, they are just like classical   winter boots for women, only with a blade added at the bottom. They are both comfortable and look classy, which is one of the most important things in competitive figure skating. Figure skating, just like ice hockey, is better to be started at an early age, but in reality, as a hobby, it can be started at any time by anyone, who has just thought of buying their first figure ice skates. And that is what we are here for – to offer the best selection on female ice skates for figure skating.

Size of figure skates

We offer both junior and senior, as well as regular sized women’s ice skates. You can choose between these sections while using the filter. When it comes to any type of ice skates – you have to be precise about what size you need. We offer basically all sizes which may be needed, from smallest 4 to 10. When you are about to buy women’s ice skates, consider width as a factor as well. It takes just a centimeter for the skates to feel loose both in length and width.

Womens figure skates are available in quite a few different models. While they might all look similar – most are white with just some exceptions, there are a lot of smaller differences between the products. Inner material, outer material, height, length of laces – these are just some of the small details that make each product be different. Please use aforementioned filters to find your right size and then compare details to choose the best figure skates for you.  

What about the price?

While these types of skates are not worse than regular ice hockey skates, most figure skates are less expensive than regular skates. In this section, the majority of female figure skates are under 100 EUR. While there are more expensive models, there are some that cost around 50 EUR as well. If you just want to try figure skating or you want to buy these ice skates for learning how to skate, this might be the right choice for you.

Between our womens figure skates and other products we offer, we include only the most highly valued brands in the industry. CCM and Jackson – these are just two of many popular manufacturers, whose products we offer at HockeyPoint.

If you already know what you need or you are just trying to figure out where to start – find the right size, choose your style and order your best figure skates today.

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