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Blue Sports FLY PUCK PRO Off Ice training Puck

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Introducing the Blue Sports FLY PUCK PRO Off Ice training Puck, the future of ice hockey training gear. Designed meticulously for the dedicated athlete, this puck is the ultimate tool to refine your skills off the rink. Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced pro training multiple times a week, this puck guarantees to enhance your performance.

Dedicated to maximizing player potential, it simulates the exact weight, glide, and feel of an on-ice puck. Weighing in at a precise 187 grams, it allows players to experience the authentic feel of a standard hockey puck while practicing off the ice, bridging the gap between practice sessions and game-time scenarios.

Incorporating cutting-edge golf ball dimple technology, this puck ensures superior control compared to older models. This unique feature, inspired by aerodynamics, allows the puck to slide effortlessly across various surfaces, be it concrete, asphalt, or cement. No more interruptions by unexpected rolls; with the FLY PUCK PRO, it's all about perfect glide.

Understanding the importance of versatility in training environments, the Blue Sports FLY PUCK PRO is specifically designed to glide flawlessly on off-ice flooring tiles. Whether you’re practicing on the xTiles™ System, xHockey Shooting Pads, or traditional Hockey Floor Tiles, the puck's consistent performance remains undiminished.

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