Gufex Official Senior Puck

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  • High-quality mix of rubber: Developed meticulously over the years, ensuring resilience and long-lasting performance.
  • Optimal weight and size: With dimensions of Ø 76 x 25 mm and a weight of 165 grams, this puck is perfect for professional-level players playing multiple times a week.
  • IIHF certified: Acknowledged by the International Ice Hockey Federation, aligning with the CAN/CSA Z 262.4-97 international standard.
  • Unparalleled safety features: Unique composition prevents damage to acrylic glass even when shot at speeds up to 180 km/h.


The Gufex Official Senior Puck is not just another hockey puck; it's a testament to excellence, designed meticulously to satiate the requirements of high-intensity ice hockey games. Built from a superior mix of rubber, the puck boasts a remarkable balance between abrasion resistance and elasticity. This ensures that the gear offers minimal wear and tear even after intense gameplay, retaining its shape and structure even under immense pressure.

One of the standout features of the Gufex Official Senior Puck is its weight and size, meticulously crafted to fit the standards of the modern game. With dimensions of Ø 76 x 25 mm and a definitive weight of 165 grams, this puck becomes an indispensable gear for players competing at a professional level and playing rigorously throughout the week. Its size and weight provide the perfect balance, making it easier for players to handle, shoot, and pass, thereby enhancing their gameplay experience.

Purity in performance is guaranteed with the Gufex Official Senior Puck as it's proudly acknowledged by the IIHF certificate. This accreditation is a reflection of the puck's adherence to the international standard CAN/CSA Z 262.4-97. Players can rest assured knowing they are equipped with gear that meets global standards, pushing them towards their peak performance.

Safety is a cornerstone in the design of the Gufex Official Senior Puck. Its unique composition ensures it doesn't damage acrylic glass, a claim validated by a reputed Finnish company specializing in ice hockey boards and acrylic glass. Even at staggering speeds of 180 km/h, this puck ensures the integrity of the surrounding infrastructure, making it a favorite amongst stadium managers and players alike.

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