Warrior M1 Junior Goal Sticks

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  • Minimus Carbon G1000 Material: Exceptional flat carbon-composite weave ensuring unparalleled durability against high-velocity shots.
  • HiFused Construction: Offers optimal rigidity and flex, coupled with a geometrically enhanced lightweight design to retain maximum durability.
  • Lethal Low Kick Point: Designed for goalies to execute rapid outlet passes, ensuring swift zone clearance with precision.
  • Slide Grip Technology: Strategically positioned gloss grip and textured handle, offering impeccable grip without compromising the ease of transitioning into essential plays.


The Warrior Ritual M1 Senior+ Goalie Stick represents the epitome of cutting-edge ice hockey technology, specifically crafted for those who refuse to settle for anything but the best. Each feature of this advanced equipment is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled performance.

At the heart of the Warrior M1 Senior Goal Stick is its construction from the Minimus Carbon G1000 Material. This elite flat carbon-composite weave not only withstands the intensity of high-velocity shots but also ensures that the stick retains its fresh feel even after extended periods of heavy usage. Such durability is a testament to our commitment to quality and assures players that they're wielding a tool built to last.

But what truly sets the Warrior Ritual M1 Senior+ Goalie Stick apart is its HiFused Construction. By embedding rigidity and flex precisely where it's needed, this innovative feature ensures goalies never miss a beat on the ice. Complemented by a geometric cutout on the paddle's back, the stick is lightweight yet strategically reinforced for enhanced durability. This balance is pivotal in delivering that lethal low kick point, enabling goalies to launch quick outlet passes or clear zones with unmatched speed and accuracy.

The ice is a battleground, and in the heat of the moment, grip can make all the difference. That's where our Slide Grip Technology comes into play. No longer will goaltenders have to wrestle with their equipment. The strategically positioned gloss grip and raised grid textures ensure maximum hold without inhibiting swift transitions into poke checks or puck plays.

Lastly, aesthetics matter. The Warrior Ritual M1 Senior+ Goalie Stick doesn't just perform exceptionally; it looks the part too. Outfitted with a sleek matte finish, this goalie stick is as stylish as it is functional, ensuring that players not only feel their best but also look their best on the ice.

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