Bauer S23 GSX Junior Goalie Stick

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  • SUPREME Geometry: Offers a balanced feel, tailored for the new and promising goalie, suited for all player levels.
  • EXPANDCEL CORE with CARBON SHAFT: Delivers lightweight (weight info not provided) and robust construction, making it ideal for players active multiple times a week.
  • Double Concave Design: Provides a comfortable grip on the stick, ensuring unmatched comfort and control during the game.
  • Revolutionary Ergo Construction: Paired with a carbon wrap, increases durability while maintaining a lightweight design, perfect for newer goalies and seasoned players alike.


Embracing the SUPREME Geometry: Step onto the ice with the Bauer S23 GSX Goalie Stick that showcases the exquisite SUPREME Geometry. This design offers a harmonious and balanced feel, perfectly crafted for both the budding goalie and the seasoned expert. This geometry, seen on popular models like the M5Pro and 3S Pro, embodies a harmonious blend of design and performance, ensuring that players can confidently defend their goal and elevate their gameplay.

The Power of EXPANDCEL CORE with CARBON SHAFT: At the heart of the Bauer S23 GSX Goalie Stick lies the innovative EXPANDCEL CORE with CARBON SHAFT. This groundbreaking combination promises an ultralight construction without compromising on strength. Whether you're on the ice once a week or every day, this construction ensures that the stick stands up to intense gameplay, offering reliability game after game.

Mastery with Double Concave Design: The Double Concave Design is not just an aesthetic marvel; it's a functional masterpiece. Designed with player comfort in mind, the shaft allows for a comfortable and intuitive grip. Whether you're holding the stick at its base or further up the shaft, the design ensures consistent comfort, allowing players to focus solely on their performance and the thrill of the game.

Revolution in Stick Design with Ergo Construction: Incorporating the Revolutionary Ergo Construction paired with a robust carbon wrap, the Bauer S23 GSX Goalie Stick guarantees durability while keeping the design sleek and lightweight. This construction method shapes and tailors the stick, providing high levels of resilience against the most powerful shots, making it a trusted companion for any goalie.

A Fusion of Bauer’s Best Features: For those goalies who refuse to settle, the Bauer S23 GSX Goalie Stick is the embodiment of Bauer's finest features and technologies from its renowned lines. This stick is not just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to Bauer's commitment to quality, innovation, and the undying spirit of the game of hockey.

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