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  • Optically Perfect Form: Crafted with highly resistant polycarbonate, guaranteeing optical purity every time you're on the ice.
  • Advanced Protection: Integrated Antifog and Antiscratch layers to ensure crystal clear vision and enhanced durability.
  • Exclusive Maintenance Set: Comes with Hejduk green emulsion, specifically formulated for cleaning, along with spacers and a soft cleaning cloth.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly fits with all types of ice hockey helmets and boasts a Visor height of 9 cm.


Crafted for the passionate players, the HEJDUK MHX Visor represents a blend of cutting-edge technology and superior materials. Every curve and design has been meticulously shaped to give players an edge on the ice. The optically perfect form ensures that your vision remains unhindered, allowing you to see every puck movement and anticipate opponent's plays with unmatched clarity.

When it comes to performance, our visor stands out, not just in its design, but also in the protective layers that guard against the common adversaries of any player: fog and scratches. With integrated Antifog and Antiscratch layers, the HEJDUK MHX Visor remains in pristine condition game after game. This technology ensures that distractions are kept to a minimum and your focus remains purely on the game.

However, the game's intensity and rapid action can cause wear and tear. Understanding the importance of maintenance for longevity, the HEJDUK MHX Visor comes equipped with an exclusive maintenance set. The included Hejduk green emulsion is specially designed for cleaning this visor, ensuring protection layers remain active and effective during use.

Versatility is key in today's dynamic world of sports, and our visor understands that. Designed to be universally compatible, it effortlessly fits all types of ice hockey helmets. This unmatched adaptability ensures that no matter your helmet type, the visor will be a perfect addition to your hockey gear.

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