Visor HEJDUK MH300

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  • 8cm Visor Height: The HEJDUK MH300 Visor, with a height of 8 cm (approximately 3.15 inches), guarantees optimal coverage and vision, setting the bar for eye protection in hockey.
  • Precision-Crafted Convex Design: Tailored for on-ice vision supremacy, every detail counts with our precision engineering.
  • Superior Polycarbonate Construction: Made for the game, our highly-resistant polycarbonate promises unparalleled optical purity in every duel.
  • Dual Defense Protection: Equip yourself with our elite Antifog and Antiscratch coatings, ensuring fog-free, scratch-resistant gameplay.
  • Complete Assembly Perfection: Elevate your setup routine with our comprehensive kit - featuring spacers, the unique Hejduk green emulsion, and a purpose-built cloth.


Elevate Your Vision with HEJDUK MH300: In the world of ice hockey, vision is paramount. That’s where the HEJDUK MH300 Visor comes into play. Crafted with unmatched expertise, its convex design offers players a superior field of view, ensuring no puck goes unnoticed, and no move is out of sight.

Built to Last with High-Quality Polycarbonate: Durability meets crystal-clear optics. Constructed from premium polycarbonate, the visor stands resilient against the intense pressures of the game while ensuring optical purity. Every time you step onto the ice, be confident that your visor can handle the challenge, match after match.

Stay Clear, Stay Focused with Advanced Protection: The game waits for no one. With our cutting-edge Antifog and Antiscratch technologies, your vision remains uninterrupted. Whether you’re in a heated match or practicing your shots, the last thing you need is a fogged-up or scratched visor. The HEJDUK MH300 ensures clarity at all times.

Effortless Maintenance and Assembly: We understand the value of time for every player. That’s why, with the HEJDUK MH300, you're equipped with everything needed for seamless assembly and maintenance. From spacers to the specialized Hejduk green emulsion and cloth, it’s all in the box.

Unmatched Compatibility for the Modern Player: Versatility is key. And the HEJDUK MH300 Visor embodies it by being compatible with all types of ice hockey helmets. Whatever your gear, our visor integrates effortlessly, making it an indispensable companion on the ice.

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