Warrior QR5 30 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

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Sizing Guide:Measure the length of your hand from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Correspond your hand measurement to a glove size using the size chart below. If you are in-between sizes, round up to the nearest size.


Warrior Glove Size Hand Length (CM)
Player Height (CM)
Player Age
Youth 8" 10.2 98 - 124 3 - 5
9" 11.4 114 - 140 5 - 7
Junior 10" 12.7 130 - 142 8 - 10
11" 14 140 - 152 10 - 11
Intermediate 12" 15.2 150 - 163 11 - 13
13" 16.5 165 - 175 13+
Senior 14" 17.8 170 - 180 13+
15" 19 175+ 13+


NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.

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  • Exo Foam Technology: Advanced lightweight foam blend with shield inserts ensures top-tier impact protection, absorbing hits and elevating your game.
  • Buttersoft Feel: Enjoy a game-ready, broken-in feel without a break-in period through the fusion of stretch backhand, mesh finger gussets, and AxyFlex 2-piece thumb.
  • SmartPalm Build: Balancing feel and durability, the SmartPalm design gives you exceptional touch without sacrificing the classic Warrior stick feel.
  • Covert Taper 2.0 Fit: Snug anatomical fit that contours to the wrist and hand, enhancing protection while maintaining supreme mobility.
Exo Foam with PE insert reinforcement for super lightweight impact protection against sticks and pucks
Soft Microfiber
Black Clarino


Protection and Impact Absorption: The Warrior Covert QR5 30 Glove utilizes state-of-the-art Exo Foam technology, delivering lightweight, yet robust protection against heavy impacts from sticks and pucks. With a seamless blend of first-class foam and shield inserts, this glove ensures that your hand stays safeguarded in every intense moment of the game. Experience the confidence to play harder, knowing that our cutting-edge technology has got you covered.

Buttersoft Technology for Immediate Comfort: Imagine slipping on a glove that feels like it's been yours for seasons, from the very first use. Our Buttersoft technology provides this exact sensation by integrating a stretch backhand, mesh finger gussets, and AxyFlex 2-piece thumb. It’s not just about comfort; it’s about an immediate connection to your equipment, so you can focus on the game, not the gear.

Durability Meets Sensitivity with SmartPalm: In the high-speed game of hockey, control and durability are essential. The SmartPalm build is ingeniously designed to offer you a supreme touch on the stick without sacrificing the resilience you need. Its precise engineering ensures long-lasting performance, giving you the edge you need to outplay opponents, match after match.

Covert Taper 2.0 for Customized Fit: Fit matters. Our Covert Taper 2.0 offers a snug anatomical fit that beautifully contours to your wrist and hand. By providing maximal protection without compromising mobility, this design gives you the natural and comfortable shape that can adapt to your unique playing style. When you wear the Covert QR5 30, you're not just putting on a glove; you're embracing a tailored extension of yourself.

Innovative Technology for Enhanced Mobility and Protection: Unleash your full potential with features like the AXYFLEX Thumb and high-density EXO foam, designed for increased dexterity and extraordinary protection. Move with grace, grip with precision, and defend against slashes and hits with confidence. Every detail of the Covert QR5 30 Glove is carefully crafted to ensure that you stay at the peak of your performance, allowing you to dominate the ice like never before.

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