CCM Trigger 8 PRO Youth Ice Hockey Stick

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  • Optimized Low Kickpoint: Designed specifically for players who crave quick releases, offering that powerful pop with every shot.
  • Nanolite Shield Technology: Advanced carbon layering technique delivers a lighter ice Hockey Stick without compromising on durability, suitable for expert players training 4-6 times a week.
  • Ergonomic E-Shape Shaft Geometry: Ensures seamless energy transfer, maximizing the speed of release and optimizing hand feel.
  • Agility 3 Regular Blade with Dual-Feel Technology: Revolutionary foam insert in the blade's heel region amplifies touch and control while retaining swift and accurate shooting.


The world of ice hockey sees many contenders, but when it comes to equipment, few can rival the performance and finesse of the CCM RIBCOR TRIGGER 8 PRO Hockey Stick. Here's why this ice Hockey Stick stands out from the crowd:

Firstly, the Optimized Low Kickpoint. Every player understands the importance of a shot's release. Quick and powerful releases often mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a game-winning goal. Our ice Hockey Stick brings to the rink an optimized low kickpoint, enabling players to fire off shots with a distinctive pop every single time.

The Nanolite Shield Technology is another game-changer. By utilizing advanced carbon layering techniques, we've successfully reduced the stick's weight, making it one of the lightest in its class. Yet, this weight reduction doesn't mean a reduction in strength. This stick, tailored for those who play 4-6 times a week, promises durability, ready to withstand the most challenging of games and the harshest of plays.

Next up is the Ergonomic E-Shape Shaft Geometry. The design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about performance. This unique ergonomic geometry ensures that energy transfer from player to stick to puck is seamless, maximizing the speed of release. Whether you're on a breakaway or taking a slapshot from the blue line, this stick ensures every ounce of your energy counts.

A vital element in the stick's construction is the Agility 3 Regular Blade with Dual-Feel Technology. A good stick isn't just about shooting; it's also about control. Our innovative foam insert, located in the heel of the blade, drastically improves the blade's feel. It ensures that players have unparalleled control over the puck, aiding in precise shooting, passing, and dribbling.

Lastly, it's not just the technology but the additional features like the Trigger Microfeel grip that set the CCM RIBCOR TRIGGER 8 PRO apart. This curved raised grip enhances the stick's feel in the hands of players, ensuring that they can play their natural game without any hindrance.

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