CCM Trigger 7 Youth Ice Hockey Stick

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  • Optimized low-kick point ensures a rapid-fire release tailored for intense gameplay, enhancing your shots' impact.
  • The Ergonomic Shaft Design presents a tiered structure, guaranteeing enhanced grip, dexterity, and unparalleled control for professional players playing 4-6 times a week.
  • With Skeleton+ technology, the hosel and taper strength are fortified, ensuring a more resilient and reliable hockey stick that suits competitive gameplay.
  • Constructed using Advanced Carbon Matrix and Sigmatex, this stick offers lightweight agility, weighing in at a featherlight, performance-optimized weight, perfect for elite players.


Step onto the ice with confidence and flair with the CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Hockey Stick, engineered for the athlete hungry for victory.

The optimized low-kick point of the CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 is its first standout feature. When every split-second counts, this design ensures that your shots release with unmatched speed, giving goalies lesser time to react and maximizing your scoring chances. It's a technology-driven adaptation that aligns with the evolving speed of the game, ensuring that you're not just part of the action, but dominating it.

Dive deeper into its construction, and the Ergonomic Shaft Design becomes the spotlight. This isn't just a stick; it's an extension of your arm, designed to mirror your movements on the ice. With its tri-segmented design — the top shaft, mid-shaft, and low-shaft each serving a unique purpose — you get a product that complements every play style, from agile dodges to powerful shots.

But what's a tool without durability? With the integration of Skeleton+ technology, this ice hockey stick has heightened strength in its hosel and taper. This doesn't just mean a stick that lasts longer but one that remains consistent in its performance, game after game. Whether you're practicing your shots or facing off against a formidable team, the Ribcor Trigger 7 won't let you down.

Materials matter. The marriage of Advanced Carbon Matrix with Sigmatex ensures that you're holding a stick that feels almost weightless yet stands strong against aggressive plays. The innovative weaving process of Sigmatex provides both the tactile feel desired by pros and the resilience required in a high-velocity game.

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