CCM Tacks AS-V Junior WITHOUT RUNNER Ice Hockey Skates

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  • The CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Ice Hockey Skates offer a pro-level, lightweight, and highly responsive boot made from reinforced LITE Core composite material.
  • These skates are designed for elite players seeking optimal power and performance, backed by a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • The Tacks line is tailored for north-to-south power skaters, emphasizing top-end speed and performance.
  • Features like the extra stiff boot, fiberglass PowerFlex Tendon Guard, and XS Asymmetrical Tri-Tech Tongue contribute to achieving maximum power and flexibility on the ice.


‌The CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Ice Hockey Skates are crafted to meet the demands of elite players who prioritize power and performance. These skates boast a pro-level, lightweight boot constructed from reinforced LITE Core composite material, which is typically reserved for top-end models. This high-quality construction ensures exceptional responsiveness and an impressive level of performance on the ice.

Designed for the north-to-south power skater, the Tacks line focuses on delivering top-end speed. The AS-V model takes this commitment to the next level. The extra stiff boot plays a pivotal role in achieving optimal power transfer, enabling players to generate explosive acceleration and lightning-fast strides.

Contributing to the skates' overall performance, the fiberglass PowerFlex Tendon Guard provides flexibility during the toe snap process, eliminating resistance and optimizing the peak of the skating stride. This feature enhances the player's ability to generate power and speed efficiently.

The XS Asymmetrical Tri-Tech Tongue is another key component of the AS-V skates. It is designed to maximize forward flexion, allowing players to position themselves in an aggressive and optimal skating stance. The flexible injected protection of the tongue is complemented by D3O smart foam reinforcement, offering superior impact protection. This memory foam-like material not only ensures comfort and a molded fit but also provides some of the best impact protection available in the market.

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