CCM Extreme Flex 6.9 Intermediate Goal Catchers

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Extreme Flex


The allure of ice hockey lies in its speed, precision, and raw energy. To excel in this intense sport, you need equipment that matches your passion, skill, and dedication. Enter the CCM Extreme Flex 6.9 Goalie Glove Catcher – a glove that embodies perfection in every stitch and fiber.

LITECORE™ Technology revolutionizes the glove's architecture. This lightweight injection-molded one-piece cuff design achieves the optimal balance between weight and strength. As the puck hurtles towards the net, your hands need agility to respond in split seconds. LITECORE™ ensures that this catcher is nimble, without compromising on robustness.

But what truly sets the CCM Extreme Flex 6.9 apart is the Enhanced 581 Break Angle. Evolving from the revered 580 angle, this redesigned break angle promises superior closure, a tactile feel, and ultra-responsiveness. Your every movement, no matter how slight, is captured and magnified, ensuring you're always in control.

Comfort isn't just about padding – it’s about fit. The Form Fit system with its specialized pinky and index finger fit design ensures the glove conforms seamlessly to your hand. Add to this the heat-activated foam, and you have a catcher that feels like an extension of yourself. Its unique design also ensures easy break-in and efficient puck absorption.

Last but not least, the FLEXMOTION 2 Cuff. With strategic flex points and layered protection, your range of motion knows no bounds. This glove doesn't just protect; it empowers, giving goalies the freedom to flex, move, and dominate. Experience comfort, feel, and unprecedented control with the Suregrip palm. Every save, every catch, every motion is elevated, pushing you to outperform and outshine.

In the intense arena of ice hockey, where every second counts, trust the CCM Extreme Flex 6.9 Goalie Glove Catcher to be your unfailing ally. Elevate your game, redefine your limits. This is not just a glove; it's a game-changer.

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