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Blue Sports Powerflex 38mm x 4.57m Grip Tape

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  • Vibrant Color Choices: Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Tan, and White to match any team's spirit and style.
  • Unmatched Elasticity: This hockey tape boasts superior flexibility, ensuring players experience free and unrestricted motion.
  • Stay-Put Adhesion: Our self-adhesive technology means no extra clips, guaranteeing the tape remains steadfast during the most intense plays.
  • Athlete-Centric Design: Ideal for dedicated players hitting the ice 4-5 times a week, this tape provides both joint and muscle protection.
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Blue Sports


The Blue Sports Powerflex 38mm x 4.57m Grip Tape is not just another hockey tape – it’s a revolution in ice hockey gear. With a combination of advanced technology, innovative materials, and a dash of style through its vibrant color options, this tape sets a new gold standard.

One of the standout features of our Hockey Tape is its unmatched elasticity. Traditional tapes might bind or restrict, but ours bends and moves as you do, ensuring a full, natural range of motion. This adaptability is particularly essential during high-tension games, where every slight movement can dictate the game's outcome.

The tape's stay-put adhesion is another highlight. Say goodbye to the hassles of underwraps or the anxiety of tape slipping during a crucial moment. Our hockey tape's self-adhering capability ensures a firm grip that holds its ground, no matter the intensity of the match.

Beyond performance, we prioritize player comfort. Tailored for athletes who commit to the rink 4-5 times a week, our tape delivers unparalleled support to both joints and muscles. This athlete-centric design not only aids in performance but also acts as a shield against potential injuries.

Durability is another cornerstone of our design philosophy. Our Hockey Tape is not only sweat-resistant but also water-resistant. This dual protection ensures the tape’s longevity, meaning players can focus on their game instead of their gear.

And, of course, style matters. Our tape is available in a range of vibrant colors – Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Tan, and White – catering to every player's aesthetic preference and team colors.

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