Bauer Vapor S22 HYPERLITE Junior Ice Hockey Gloves

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Sizing Guide: Measure the length of your hand from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Correspond your hand measurement to a glove size using the size chart below.


Bauer Glove Size Hand Length (CM)
Player Height (CM)
Player Age
Youth 8" 10.5 - 13 98 - 124 3 - 5
9" 11.5 - 14 114 - 140 5 - 7
Junior 10" 13 - 15.5 130 - 142 8 - 10
11" 14 - 16.5 140 - 152 10 - 11
Intermediate 12" 15.5 - 18 150 - 163 11 - 13
13" 16.5 - 19 165 - 175 13+
Senior 14" 18 - 20.5 170 - 180 13+
15" 19 - 22 175+ 13+

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.


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  • Featherlight and Exceptionally Protective: Outshine the competition with the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Glove, designed with 25% more protection and enhanced by the lightweight nature of Defense Cloud Technology Foam and Shocklite Plate.
  • Optimum Durability and Touch: With a 30% improved palm durability, experience the silky-soft feel for longer. Junior, Intermediate, or Senior, all gloves share these remarkable materials and guarantee a robust and comfortable grip on the game.
  • Advanced Comfort and Cooling: Indulge in the superior comfort provided by Hyper Sense fingers and the groundbreaking Thermo Core Zero liner, offering a sweat-free, cooling effect throughout the game, without compromising on the stick feel.
  • Unparalleled Adaptability and Mobility: Featuring a snug fit on fingers and backhand, and a relaxed cuff, the gloves assure a tremendous stickhandling feel and mobility, making them an ultimate game-changer for elite players.
The backhand protection with their premium Defense Cloud Technology Foam and Shocklite Plate
Thermo Core Zero


Unleash your maximum potential with the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Glove, a perfect blend of superior protection and lightness. A game-changer in the world of ice hockey equipment, the glove offers a staggering 25% more protection than its predecessor, the 2X Pro. This significant improvement has been achieved using the innovative Defense Cloud Technology Foam and Shocklite Plate, which are expertly engineered to absorb heavy impact energy taken from slashes, blocked shots, or battles, while maintaining a featherlight design. This technology not only ensures your safety on the ice but also provides a competitive edge by enhancing your game speed and maneuverability.

Embracing an unparalleled standard of durability and feel, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Glove's palm has been improved by a remarkable 30%. This substantial enhancement ensures a silky-soft feel that lasts longer than ever before, allowing you to comfortably hold your stick and maintain superior control during the game. Regardless of the size - Junior, Intermediate, or Senior - all gloves are crafted with the same exceptional materials, guaranteeing a robust and comfortable grip that withstands the rigors of the game.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with the revolutionary Hyper Sense fingers and the Thermo Core Zero liner. These groundbreaking features promise superior comfort, moisture management, and a unique cooling effect. The liner is adept at handling sweat, moisture, and odor, providing you with a comfortable, dry feel throughout the game. Its unique cooling effect ensures your hands never lose their feel for the stick, a critical aspect of high-performance gameplay.

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Glove is designed for adaptability and superior mobility. Its snug fit on fingers and backhand, coupled with a relaxed cuff, ensures a tremendous stickhandling feel and enhanced freedom of movement. This unparalleled combination of fit and freedom enables players to execute complex maneuvers and stay in control of the game.

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