Vaughn V10 3 PRO Senior Hockey Goalie Wheel Bag

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  • Unparalleled Durability: Crafted from 1680 denier nylon with critical high-stress areas reinforced by ripstop nylon, the Vaughn V10 PRO Goalie Wheeled Bag promises exceptional longevity.
  • Ultimate Convenience: Featuring a large U-shaped opening with heavy-duty #10 zippers, the main compartment simplifies the packing and unpacking of goalie gear.
  • Advanced Mobility: The unique three-wheel design offers superior stability, ensuring that you can navigate through crowded arenas effortlessly.
  • Smart Storage: Spacious main compartment, multiple accessory pockets, and an end pocket specifically designed for a goalie mask—this bag is built to hold it all securely.


When it comes to selecting the perfect hockey goalie bag, durability should never be compromised. The Vaughn V10 PRO Goalie Wheeled Bag takes resilience to a new level. Fabricated with 1680 denier nylon, this bag withstands the harshest conditions, from locker room floors to rugged airport terminals. Add to that the reinforced ripstop nylon material strategically located in critical high-stress areas, and you've got a bag that is more than just a storage unit—it's an investment in longevity.

Convenience in design is what separates a good bag from a great bag. The Vaughn V10 PRO Goalie Wheeled Bag surpasses expectations with its large U-shaped main compartment. Access to your gear has never been quicker or more straightforward. The robust, heavy-duty #10 zippers ensure a smooth glide every time, eradicating any hassle during the crucial moments before a game. The compartment also features a padded floor, offering an extra layer of protection for your expensive gear.

Mobility in a hockey rink is vital, and our bag has been designed with this in mind. The three-wheel design not only provides you with increased stability but also ensures that maneuvering your goalie equipment around is an absolute breeze. The large diameter of the wheels prevents the bag from dragging, letting you navigate smoothly through the busy corridors of arenas or long stretches of airports.

Storage should be as straightforward as your slap shot, and this bag delivers. The roomy internal compartment is accompanied by numerous accessory pockets, giving you the perfect place to store every tape, puck, or water bottle. There’s even an end pocket large enough to hold a goalie mask in its case, saving you the inconvenience of carrying it separately. Every pocket and compartment is a testament to thoughtful design aimed at meeting the real-world needs of goalkeepers.

Comfort and practicality are woven into every strap and handle of this bag. The double-layer nylon webbing carry/shoulder straps are box stitched and reinforced with rivets, giving them unbeatable strength and durability. The nylon webbing grab handles come with rubber grips at each end, making it comfortable to lift the bag in any situation. Every detail has been carefully considered to provide you with the most reliable, durable, and comfortable goalie wheel bag on the market. Elevate your game with the Vaughn V10 PRO Goalie Wheeled Bag—it's not just a bag; it's a game-changer.

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