CCM Extreme Flex 6.9 Intermediate Goal Pads

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Extreme Flex


Elevate your game with the CCM Extreme Flex 6.9 Goalie Leg Pads. When performance meets unparalleled design, you're not just wearing pads; you're wearing a commitment to excellence.

Firstly, let's talk about movement. The DRS Dynamic Response System isn't just a feature—it's a game changer. This technology ensures that every move you make is mirrored instantly by the pads, bending and flexing to your every whim. Imagine the rush of a last-minute save or a game-defining block, all enabled by your gear's ability to respond in real-time to your instincts.

But what's performance without durability? The Dualitecore + HD core has been meticulously designed to provide a dual flex profile. This means while the lower section offers flexibility for those lightning-fast dives, the thigh rise ensures added stiffness, giving you both agility and stability. And the best part? All of this comes in a lightweight design, allowing you to stay nimble and quick on your feet.

Rotation is key in those high-stakes moments. With the Quick Motion Strap System 2, you can be assured of maximum pad reactivity. It's all about ensuring that your leg and the pad move as one, optimizing connectivity and allowing for rapid pad rotations. This tight fit doesn't just improve your game; it revolutionizes it.

Now, for those players who understand the importance of a solid seal. The HD raised flat inside edge design is your answer. It's crafted to provide maximum seal, ensuring stability as you slide and move across the crease, allowing for powerful cross-crease movements. It's not just about stopping the puck; it's about doing it with style and confidence.

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