Bauer S21 SUPREME 3S PRO Intermediate Ice Hockey Pants

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Bauer Pants Size

Waist (cm)

Height (cm)

Weight (kg)



48 - 53

91 - 107

14 - 19


51 - 56

104 - 120

18 - 24


54 - 62

117 - 135

23 - 29



56 - 64

127 - 142

24 - 31


62 - 66

140 - 150

30 - 36


66 - 72

147 - 157

35 - 43



71 - 80

155 - 165

40 - 45


76 - 86

165 - 175

45 - 68



81 - 91

170 - 180

59 - 77


86 - 97

175 - 185

68 - 86


91 - 102

180 - 191

77 - 95

Sizing Guide:
Measure the circumference of your waist just above the hips. Correspond this measurement to the sizing chart and cross-reference your height. You may overlap between hockey pant sizes, which in this case comes down to personal preference. The smaller size will fit closer to the body while the larger size will offer more volume and coverage.

2021 Bauer Intermediate Sizing Update: If you previously wore a Bauer Junior XL Ice Pant, select an Intermediate M. If you previously wore a Bauer Senior S Ice Pant, select an Intermediate L. Bauer designed these new Intermediate sizes to better fit the body of players between Junior and Senior sizing.

NOTE: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and charts DO NOT guarantee a perfect FIT.

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  • Experience the blend of value and high-end features with the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro hockey pants, designed to keep you agile and safe on the ice.
  • Dive into the game with ultimate coverage and classic styling, thanks to the lightweight and durable pro level 8400 Nylon shell construction.
  • Revel in top-notch protection and comfort with features like the independent spine with Vent Armor foam, molded PE and HD foam thigh guard, and a one-piece full volume hip guard.
  • Get ready to feel fresh and dry throughout the game with the Thermo Max+ liner, which also helps your pants to dry quickly in between skates.


The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro hockey pants are more than just equipment – they're a game-changer, meticulously designed to bring together value, performance, and protection in a sleek, modern design. With these pants, you can relish a seamless fusion of the Supreme look and classic fit, providing extensive coverage that doesn't sacrifice your ability to move freely and swiftly across the ice.

When you put on these pants, you'll immediately feel the difference of the pro level 8400 Nylon shell. This isn't just a material; it's a promise of lightweight, durable quality that won't weigh you down during those intense hockey games. This construction aims to keep you in the game longer, ensuring the pants endure countless ice skirmishes and wash cycles.

The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro hockey pants don't just stop at style and construction. They are keenly crafted to provide you with elite-level protection. This comes in the form of an independent spine armed with Vent Armor foam, a molded PE and HD foam thigh guard, a one-piece full volume hip guard, and a host of other protective features. All these elements collectively function to keep you guarded in key areas, leaving you to focus on your performance on the ice, rather than potential injuries.

Inside the pants is where Bauer's Thermo Max+ liner steps in, offering you a game experience like no other. This innovative technology is designed to manage moisture, keeping you cool and dry during the most grueling matches. But it doesn't stop there; the liner also accelerates drying times in between skates, ensuring a comfortable fit every time you hit the ice.

One of the standout features of the 3S Pro model is its 1-inch extension for improved adjustability. This zippered extension lets you personalize your hockey pants to your exact fit needs and personal preference, giving you control over your comfort. Accompanied by an MD foam cover with dual cinch belt, these pants will remain locked in place, boosting your feel and performance as you glide across the ice.

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